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CHINA IMPORT DIRECT is a showcase of the best digital and video artists practicing today across China. Bringing together nine of the last decade’s most significant young Chinese video artists working across a wide variety of themes and ideas, CHINA IMPORT DIRECT aims to introduce a new perspective on China and contemporary Chinese art. While each of the artists have significant standing within China, and are eagerly presented in exhibitions across Asia, the United States, and Europe, this is the first time that any of the artists have been seen in New Zealand.

Declining to provide either a historical or programmatic presentation of what is essentially a diverse set of practices from a phenomenally complex art scene, CHINA IMPORT DIRECT instead aims to introduce a variety of concerns and issues reflective of the wide multiplicity of voices that represent China today. The artists in CHINA IMPORT DIRECT investigate such broad topics as internet culture, rural development, future biology, post-humanism, urban change, sub-cultural identity, gender, sex, and death.

Each of the artists present in CHINA IMPORT DIRECT reflect an aspect of the momentous change both within China and the tremendous transitions felt globally in the past decade of rapid globalisation. As all are born post-1980, they also represent the unique social conditions and reflections of the generation born after the Open Up and Reform policy and the One Child policy.

Featured artists: Hu Weiyi, Li Binyuan, Lin Ke, Lu Yang, Mao Haonan, Miao Ying, Wang Haiyang, Wang Newone, Yuan Keru.

Partners: Auckland Art Fair, North Port Events Limited.
Date: 2019
Service: Curator, Project Manager, Writer/Translator, Designer.