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Cyborg Archaeological Laboratory:Goethe Open Space 2020

Goethe Open Space is a project of the Department of Culture and Education of the German Consulate General Shanghai (AKuB). Since 2012, the department provides its premises as an Open Space and Open Gallery, and promotes young, emerging Chinese artists who want to try out ideas beyond universities and commercial pressure and discuss their thoughts and visions with the art scene, and a wider audience.

On 22 February 2020, Goethe Open Space will launch the solo exhibition Cyborg Archaeological Laboratory of artist Pan Zishen, which builds an imaginary laboratory site, implanting the atmosphere and situational field of a "Fictional Archaeology", leading the audience to imagine and predict how people in the "far future" look back and study our current early Cyborg society stage. In this laboratory, young artist Pan Zishen will use her latest installation and video works Bond (2019), Fission (2019), and the Equable Temperament Series (2018), also Floating (2019) and Seed Chips (2019), to comprehensively convey a nostalgic display of Cyborg imagery.

Partners: German Consulate General Shanghai
Date: 2020
Service: CURATOR