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new talents cologne biennale

The fifth New Talents Cologne Biennale, was successfully realized in Cologne, Germany and opened on May 21, 2016. Zhang Ting was invited to participate as the Chinese Curator of the exhibition, and selected artists Hu Weiyi and Wang Man to feature their video works, “Blowing", and "Closer to It”. Zhang was also a guest speaker at the International Curators seminar in the exhibitions public programme, on May 24. The New Talents Cologne Biennale was a non-profit project initiated by the chief curator Jochen Heufelder and supported by the Cultural Office of the Cologne City Government. It began in 2008, with the particular emphasis on international practicing artists within five years of graduating, and working in the cross-media fields of visual arts, design, new media, film, composition and choreography. 2016’s exhibition was scattered across the urban area of Cologne, in more than 20 exhibition venues, with a total of 67 participating artists. It was the first time for Mainland China to take part in the exhibition. At the same time, the project cooperated with that year's Havana Biennale in Cuba and the Marrakech Biennale in Morocco. All exhibited works were intended to carry out parallel dialogue and cooperation with the two biennale projects.

Partners: The Cultural Office of the Cologne City Government
Date: 2016