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The Artist is not Present, Art is Present

The Artist is not Present, Art is Present exhibition opened to the public at the Kunting Experimental Art Base, hosted by the Wu Zuoren International Art Foundation, from October 22 to November 12, 2015. The curator paraphrased the title of the performative piece by artist Marina Abramovich, ”The Artist is Present”, inverting it as "the artist is not present" and invited 12 outstanding young contemporary artists from China, Germany, and Italy to participate in the exhibition anonymously. By anonymising the artist, the exhibition aimed to explore issues related to identity, gender, reality, life, distance, and behaviors. The exhibition attempts to erase the “name recognition” effect associated with artists, allowing the audience to simply consider the appeal of the artworks. This process can take the work as the main character and present the situational relationship between the artistic creation and the exhibition space to the visitors, or have an emotional interaction with the individual experience of the visitors.

Partners: Wu Zuoren International Art Foundation
Date: 2015
Service: Curator