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Extend Your Fist - Paintings Exhibit of Ecuadorian Master Osvaldo Guayasamin

Extend Your Fist- Paintings Exhibit of Ecuadorian Master Osvaldo Guayasamin, was organized as part of the"Peers-2014 Art Museum Joint Exhibition" series, and was held from August 1 to October 7, 2014 at the China Art Palace, Shanghai. The exhibition displayed 120 works by the artist Oswaldo Guayasamin, which were organized chronologically, divided into the Huaycanan (Trace of Tears) series, Waiting series, Desperate series, Woman Crying series, Still Life series, Mother and Child series, and the Chinese Watercolor series. This last series was the result of an invitation from Mao Zeodong to the artist to visit China on a cultural exchange in 1961. It includes a series of watercolors made during his tour of China, and is the first time these works have been shown to the public.

As early as the 1950s, he participated in the Latin American Revolution, using his works to reflect the suffering of the people and their struggle for national independence. Guayasamin was a national treasure of Ecuador and a famous cultural warrior of Latin America.

Partners: China Art Museum, Shanghai
Date: 2014
Service: Curator of Chinese organizer