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Associate Professor of Design, Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, academic member of the School of Arts and Media, Xianda School of Economics and Humanities, Shanghai Overseas Chinese University, and signed designer of the People's Network "People's Plus" series.

From 2001 to 2018, he taught at the Shanghai School of Design of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts and served as the Director of the Visual Communication Design Department of the Shanghai School of Design of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts, the Director of the Department of Public Basic Teaching of the Shanghai School of Design of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts, a member of the Academic Committee of the National University Digital Art Design Competition, the 7th and 8th National University Digital Art Design Competition, and the 2017 Teda Cup Youth Creative Design Competition. Global Jury member and guest speaker of the 2016 International Symposium on Chinese Character Design Week.

  • 2002, the Ministry of Culture sponsored the China Advertising Art Design Exhibition / Poster Gold Award for the Year of Chinese Enterprise Culture
  • In 2002, China Enterprise Culture Year / "China Designer 500 Award"
  • 2005, "Zhangjiang Cup" National College Student Design Competition / Outstanding Teacher Guidance Award
  • In 2007, the main design of the "Water Pollution Management" multimedia demonstration project of taihu basin management was undertaken
  • 2008, to assume the Pudong Development Bank "market and management" multimedia courseware master design
  • 2008, bear the Shanghai Bank "Welcome to the World Expo, learn English" multimedia courseware master design
  • 2008, to undertake L'Oreal China software training multimedia courseware master design
  • 2008, responsible for Tetra Pak Human Resources FLASH interactive multimedia project design
  • 2008, responsible for DSM China's global human resources management multimedia presentation system master design
  • 2008, "With the times peer - Yangtze River Delta art works joint exhibition" flat and instruction system main design
  • 2009, responsible for the Navy 702 plant 60th anniversary multimedia demonstration system design
  • In 2009, the work "Visual Video" to participate in the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center "China Garment Textile Exhibition" (Shanghai)
  • 2009, participated in The Chinese Enterprise Product Fair organized by Alibaba (Hangzhou)
  • 2009, invited to participate in the Shanghai International Fashion Festival "playing fashion with the master" original designer works exhibition (Shanghai)
  • 2010, Shanghai World Expo Volunteer Badge and Strap Design Project 1st Prize / Winning Program and Implementation
  • 2010, organization of academic exchanges with the University of Birmingham (Shanghai Branch)
  • In 2010, hosted by German industrial design guru Luji. Colani's Lecture "My World Is Round"
  • In 2010, he hosted Hans at the Royal Belgian Academy of Arts. Professor Eliuya lectures on "Changes in western --- and artists since the 1980s"
  • 2011, "2011 Shanghai University Design Creative Outstanding Graduation Works Exhibition" / Outstanding Guidance Teacher Award.
  • 2012, National University Advertising Art Competition Nanjing Youth Olympic Games Special Design Competition / Coach Award
  • 2012, the 3rd Shentong Degao Cup Public Service Advertising Creative Competition / Outstanding Guidance Teacher Award / Organization Award
  • 2012, Hosted a lecture by Mr. Han Binghua (Vice President of the International Association of Graphic Design Associations (ICOGRADA) on Aesthetic Life
  • In 2012, he hosted a lecture by Mr. Lau Kangkang (Chairman of the Hong Kong Designers Association).
  • 2013, participated in the Shanghai Design Week series of activities, with the international famous design master Mr. Yan Qiang on-site dialogue, Shanghai International Design Exchange Center
  • 2013, hosted a lecture by Mr. Yu Qiang (Bauhinia Medal Recipient) on "The Pursuit of Originality"
  • In 2013, he organized and hosted the "Most Beautiful Book" campus lecture series "The Most Beautiful Book" organized by the Shanghai Press and Publication Administration (Professor Wang Chengqian of Taiwan, Professor Zhao Qing of Nanjing)
  • 2013, Shanghai Pudong New Area Public Service Advertising Design Competition / Best Teacher Guidance Award
  • 2014, China Intellectual Property Promotion Poster Creative Design Competition / Outstanding Organization Individuals
  • In 2014, the poster work "No Locks Can't" was shortlisted for the 12th National Beauty Exhibition in 2014
  • In 2014, in cooperation with the Hangzhou Municipal Committee of foreign affairs to carry out Hangzhou Citizen Photography Festival and related exhibition design services, as the main design
  • 2014, Shanghai Industrial Automobile Expo (one of the world's five major A-class auto shows) visual image VIS design project, as a designer
  • 2015, China Intellectual Property Promotion Poster Creative Design Competition "Excellent Guidance Award"
  • In 2016, he served as the visual image VIS design project of Shanghai Phoenix Group Co., Ltd., and served as the main design
  • 2016, works "Away" exhibit, New Knight Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai Ya's Nest Gallery
  • In 2016, the design works "Visual Record" series of products exhibiting in the Sea Design Biennia, Shanghai Foreign Science and Technology Exchange Center
  • In 2016, the poster work "Five Colors" participated in the Asian Poster Design Exhibition, Shanghai Zhangjiang Culture Co., Ltd
  • In 2016, the organization of "Design-Driven Future - The First National Graduate Forum on Design Art" (Shanghai Institute of Design, China Academy of Fine Arts), the main person in charge
  • 2016, GDC15 (Graphic Design in China) Shanghai Station Tour and Forum, Shenzhen Graphic Design Association, the main person in charge
  • 2017, completed the "old Chinese" domestic brand Phoenix Bicycle 120th Anniversary Summit Forum overall planning master design
  • In 2017, the work "Blue Zebra" participated in the New Knight Contemporary Abstract Painting Alliance Exhibition, Suzhou 56 Wenzing Garden Qingyu Art Space
  • In 2017, the works "The Series" exhibit, "We know the end of the world", Shanghai art space
  • 2017, the work "Fusion", exhibiting the wave-tip art space 2017 act 3 competition Zhejiang Art Network, Hangzhou art space
  • 2018, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Shanghai Foreign Office, Phoenix Group commissioned as the Phoenix Group "National Gift" project master designer. Several bicycle products designed as "national gifts" were presented to heads of state from Argentina, Spain and Germany during the 2018 G20 summit.
  • 2019, the work "Towing Shadow" exhibit, the New Knight International Art Union Southern Pioneer Exhibition, Xiamen Art Museum.